Homeworld: Yablari
System: Yablari system
Height: 1.4-2.0 meters (average)
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity 1D+0 2D+2
Knowledge 1D+0 3D+0
Mechanical 1D+0 2D+2
Perception 1D+0 3D+0
Strength 1D+0 2D+2
Technical 1D+0 4D+0
Attribute Points 12D+0
Skill Points 7D+0
Move 7/9

Biology and CultureEdit

The Anomids were pale-skinned humanoids native to Yablari and amongst the galaxy's wealthiest societies, thanks to their natural technical aptitude. Their civilization had a long history of pacifism and technical achievement, though having developed hyperdrive technology circa 15,100 BBY; it wasn't until a century had passed before they left their home system. Although they are cautious by nature there is a strong interest in meeting other cultures.

Ruled by the Central Council, whose members were appointed by regional groups of techno-nobles, scholars and business leaders for one to seven year terms. Although a highly technological species, their laws were cumbersome: rather than repeal old laws that no longer applied, they would add in new laws to counter or modify the originals.

Anomids almost always wore elaborate masks which covered most of their faces; however, these were not breath masks, but vocalizer units. As Anomids had no vocal cords, they relied on these vocalizer masks to communicate with other species. These masks were often elaborately customized to reflect an Anomid's social status, family origin, or profession. Among themselves, Anomids communicated using an elaborate sign language. Anomid sign language required six-fingered hands, which made it difficult for Humans or Human-programmed protocol droids to use. The majority of the race prefers slightly oversized robes and trousers or skirts.

Special SkillsEdit

Languages: Time to use: One round. This skill is used to understand and “speak” the unique Anomid form of sign language. Only Anomids and other beings with six digits per hand can learn to “speak” this language. The skill costs normal, but all characters trying to interpret Anomid sign language without the necessary Alien Cultures dice to acquire the language will have their difficulty increased by two levels because of the complexity and intricacy of the language. If they have the Alien Cultures dice, the difficulty to succeed is Difficult.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Anomid UAA

Technical Aptitude: Anomids have a natural aptitude for repairing and maintaining technological items. At the time of character creation only, Anomid characters get 6D bonus skill dice (in addition to the normal 7D skill dice). These bonus dice can be applied to any Technical skill, and Anomid characters can place up to 3D in any beginning Technical skill. These bonus skill dice can be applied to non-Technical skills, but at half value (i.e., it requires 2D to advance a non-Technical skill 1D).

Story FactorsEdit

Wealthy: Anomids have one of the richer societies in the Galaxy. Beginning characters should be granted a bonus of at least 2,000 credits.

Pacifists: Anomids tend to be pacifistic, urging conversation and understanding over conflict.