Cerean NEGAS
Homeworld: Cerea
System: Cerean system
Height: up to 2.2 meters
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity 1D+0 3D+1
Knowledge 2D+0 4D+2
Mechanical 1D+0 3D+2
Perception 1D+2 4D+1
Strength 1D+1 4D+0
Technical 1D+1 4D+0
Attribute Points 12D+0
Skill Points 7D+0
Move 11/12

Biology and CultureEdit

Cereans were a sophisticated and cultured humanoid species with tall tapering heads, which housed large binary brains, enabling them to focus on many things at once. In addition to the binary brains, Cereans had two hearts to provide them with the blood to supply the brains' requirements to function. Aside from these two characteristics, the species was very similar to humans.

Their enlarged skulls, extending up to twenty centimeters above their foreheads, housed complex binary brains. The binary structure of Cerean thinking helped them to ponder two sides of an issue at once or to process information and solve problems rapidly. Because of their thoughtful nature, they tended to be calm, rational, and analytical, preferring peaceful philosophies and a lifestyle which worked in harmony with nature. Though the quick-thinking Cereans had equally quick reflexes, they were commonly not as well coordinated as Humans. Because of the weight of their enlarged skulls, Cereans often had back problems.

Many Cereans used specially-forged Kasha Crystals as a meditational tool. By focusing one's thoughts while in contact with such crystals, distractions were eliminated, creating an exceptional meditation environment. Cerean Jedi sometimes incorporated these crystals into their lightsabers, providing great focus, even during intense physical combat.

Female cerean

A female Cerean.

Cerean males aged more quickly than the females, who had similar lifespans to Humans. This meant that there were many more females to males, and with a low birthrate, a male often had a Bond Wife and multiple Honour Wives.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Initiative Bonus: Cereans gain a +1D bonus to all initiative rolls.

Dual Hearts: Cereans can function with only one of these hearts, but the demands placed on their circulatory system by their binary brains are no laughing matter. A Cerean reduced to functioning on only one heart must sleep 2/3 of a given day to maintain his mental performance.