Homeworld: Csilla
System: Chiss Space
Height: 1.6-2.1 meters
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity 2D+0 4D+0
Knowledge 2D+0 4D+0
Mechanical 2D+0 4D+0
Perception 2D+0 4D+0
Strength 2D+0 4D+0
Technical 2D+0 4D+0
Attribute Points 12D+0
Skill Points 7D+0
Move 10/12

Biology and CultureEdit

The Chiss were a tall, blue-skinned Near Human civilization from the Unknown Regions. Due to the remote position of their home territory in the Chiss Ascendancy they remained largely an enigma to the rest of the galaxy, and contact with outsiders was limited even now.

The Chiss and the baseline Humans regarded each other as aliens, but genetic studies have indicated that the two races were close biological cousins, and it was not clear whether the differences between them were the product of straightforward evolutionary divergence and differing planetary habitats, or the result of genetic engineering similar to that which produced such hybrid species as the Massassi, and the Myke. Outwardly, the Chiss were distinguished from baseline Humans by three clearly visible traits: blue skin, midnight-black hair, and glowing red eyes; however, their blood was red, and a case can be made that all these superficial features were the result of external factors found in their homeworld. Another intersting factor regarding the biology of the Chiss is that the richer the oxygen in the atmosphere, the darker their skin and eyes grow. And while it is rare, some Chiss did grow grey with age.

Culturally, the people believed one went grey when they sired exceptional offspring. The selecting of a mate was a heavy consideration, political ties, military standing were amongst the primary factors. Children were considered young adults at the age of 10.

Although to the outside observer, the Chiss were an orderly people, politcal assassination plots were a common affair for the members of the ruling clans and their allied kin-groups. Individuals who belonged to a ruling family would do all in their power to secure and advance the family's position as well as advance their own. A Chiss never knowingly did anything that could potentially bring shame to the family, it's been known for an entire bloodline to be exiled because of one member's actions. Additionally, in the face of potential assassination, the Chiss had the tradition of having a shadow child to protect against the entire line from being erradicated.

Special AbilitiesEdit


Low Light Vision: Chiss can see twice as far as a normal human in poor lighting conditions.

Skill Bonuses: At the time of character creation only, Chiss characters gain 2D for every one die they assign to the tactics, command, and scholar skills.

Tactics: Chiss characters receive a permanent +1D bonus to all tactics skill rolls.