Corporate Sector Authourity


Prex TBA

Seat of Power:

Etti IV

Coded Planets Controlled:

Etti IV, Kalla VII, Kuati Orbital Array, Tal'Amaranth

Direx Members:



Fel Empire, Galactic Alliance



Political StructureEdit

The Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) is the government of free enterprise fiefdom known as the Corporate Sector, which is located in the end of the Tingel Arm with a few Inner Core interests. The Corporate Sector's political stance officially is one of neutrality to encourage the freeflow of trade and commernce. Their focus is always on the bottom line when it comes to descisions regarding how to manuever in the political arena of the Galaxy. However, it should be noted that the CSA, while under the guideance of Prex Nitisha Lazure (21 ABY - 31 ABY), grew to be more combative, thus able to protect and keep territories it has traditionally held. Prex Lazure took an official stance of neutrality and backed it up with improved training for the ESPO and Fleets, with approval from the Direx Board.

To an outsider unfamilar with the mercantile government, the rulership of the CSA is an alien creation to behold. Governing the CSA is the Board of Direx, which has 56 seats. Of these 56 seats, 38 seats are able to vote on matters due to their influence, wealth and ability to have gained the power of the vote. The remaining 18 seats are rotating seats that are shared with the rest of the corporate bodies that make up the CSA and allow them to partake of the descicion making directly, but they do not have ability to vote on matters. Overseeing the meetings is the Prex who is a member of the Direx Board in good standing and has been voted into power by their peers. The term a Prex serves is not defined in terms but rather determined by how well they keep the CSA in profits and good relations.

When matters come up that require voting upon, it is not uncommon for Direx to meet one another to determine how they want to vote. Gifts are often exchanged, and if the matter is associated with an outside force wanting something from the CSA, the outsider may also meet up with voting members to discuss their case personally.

Competition is encouraged within the CSA, especially amongst corporates with similar interests. Some Corporates have better reputations than others in terms of dealing with employees, explotation of raw resources, and even trade agreement terms. By keeping the competition alive and not overtly slapping the hands of 'bad' Direx, the CSA create staple items that are familiar is households around the Galaxy and even create new and improved items to beat out the competition and to gain a percentage of the market.

While the Direx Board is in charge of many of the policy making practices and are capable of making profit by any means necessary, each member instinctively fears the OOAG and its agents, who are capable of auditing any corporate account and even personal accounts. As a seperate governing body, the OOAG is the watch dog who ensures that the corporates are managed properly, that not too much of the profits are skimmed by greedy Direx and the like. They are also capable of sending agents out into the Galaxy to gather information on other governments, individuals and even corporations, thus monitoring the CSA and the market.