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Established by Jagged Fel, the Fel Empire was formed from the remnants of the Galactic Empire that had fractured after the death of Emperor Lanil Jast. Formed following the accession of Jagged Fel to the throne, the new Emperor moved swiftly to recover the Empire's former power and prestige in addition to restoring the Imperial monarchy, now led by his own family. Although sharing many of the characteristics of Palpatine's Empire, such as the Moffs' Council, centralised rulership and acceptance of Force-sensitivity surrounding the Emperor with his Hands, the Fel Empire reflects a new age. Rather than the Emperor possessing Force-sensitivity, his Empress, Jaina, nee Solo, not only rules by his side but also heads the Imperials Knights which is a Jedi Order inspired organisation dedicated to defending the Emperor and his family, as well as ensuring that their own members and the Empire do not fall to the Dark Side. Even to a lesser extent, xenophobia has been in the decline, and while a Wookiee may not be found amongst the Storm Troopers, they are not prevented from being a fully functional citizen of the Fel Empire.


In 23 ABY, through a brilliantly executed move, be it from renegade Jedi forces as is thoroughly believed, or other devious means, Grand Inquisitor Lanil Jast managed to secure the throne of the Galactic Empire after the assassinations of many members of the Moff Council, that left Jast and another Moff, Brigidier General Dameon 'Loki' Katon both wounded but alive. The Emperor began to manuever alliances with the CSA and a then unknown power hailing from the Deep Core to be better poised against the threat of the alliance between the Republic and the Confederation.

At this time, the Galactic Empire still had a sour taste regarding Force wielders in their government, following the successful conquest of key Sith agents into key positions that lead to the Moff Council's formation and utter control of the Empire after the disposition of Empress Katja, who was found out to be a Force puppet of a powerful Sith Master. Three years later, it was Tanden Seely who reminded the Galactic Empire of the importance of using Force wielders when the Empire moved and conquered Chandrilla, at the cost of his life. Emperor Lanil began to cede claim of certain planets to the Deep Core Imperium, allowing the government which boasted strong Force sensitive warriors who could combat the Republic's Jedi, to grow in strength and become a more worthy ally.

When the Hutt government decided to attack Nar Shaddaa, a CSA protectorate, in retaliation of the joint attack upon Thyferra, the CSA's Prex pushed for an attack on the Hutts in a show of force, and called upon the CSA's more militaristic ally to aid them in a full out war with the Hutts which also saw the Confederates and the Republic putting aside their political grievances with the Galactic Empire to fight a common enemy. The largest powers in the Galaxy were focused upon a single goal for three years, resulting in the Treaty of Nar Shaddaa in 27 ABY.

Feeling strong on their victory, the Galactic Empire began to expand their power base, conquering planets, independent, Republic, and Confederate that were located close to their borders. Some of these worlds were given to the CSA to govern, while others had CSA interests planted to get the infurstructure established. The Galactic Empire was the War Machine again! Seeking dominance one planet at a time, it paused long enough to consider Hapes Consortium, which was a target proposed by the Deep Core Imperium by their beautiful and deadly Imperatrix.

Lovers jaina solo jag fel by saith100-d4ebr6z

Jagged Fel and Jaina Solo having found a peaceful moment during the Hutt War.

Having met Jaina Solo during the Hutt War, Jagged Fel began making his way into an alliance that his father, Soontir approved. Through this connection, he further met Isolder, the Chume'da of the Hapes Consortium, his Dathomir borne Queen, Teneniel Djo, who in 27 ABY was assassinated, leaving her daughter Tenal Ka Djo as heiress to the Hapes Consortium. Tenal was a good friend of Jaina's and soon became a friend to Jagged Fel. Wary of the attack upon the Hapes Consortium which was going to be on way, Jagged Fel followed orders as the attacks were launched. In 29 ABY Emperor Lanil Jast launched the attack with the Deep Core Imperium, which not only saw planets conquered and the spoils divided, but entire planets consumed. This troubled the young Jagged, but orders were orders, yet dissent began to grow as it slowly became obvious that the Deep Core was using the Galactic Empire for their own means, triggering some internal strife even as they laid waste to the planets of the Consortium, which drew the CSA to officially remove themselves from the conflict.

News of Grand Master Skywalker's death came in 34 ABY, along with the proclamation that all members of the Jedi Order are to remove themselves from the Galactic Allaince, which brought some cheer to the Galactic Empire, but also trepidation as the Order was now free to aid whomever they desired without answering to anyone. However, the presence of the Jedi in Hapes Consortium was minimal during this early time. Then,


Several holofeeds from the Hapes Crisis.

in late 36 ABY, Emperor Lanil Jast passed away. Rumours abound about how he died, but there was no official report that was salvaged from this warring period. The campaign of the Hapes Consortium continued without missing the late Emperor even as his once loyal moffs and generals began to openly bicker. In early 37 ABY, many of the surviving planets conquered began to have civil unrest plaguing their daily lives. Now the presence of the Jedi and even rogue agents of the Galactic Alliance began to be noticed. These individuals were concerned with trying to smuggle out survivors and bring in aid. And with the sudden death of the Emperor and the civil disobediance growing, the Galactic Empire found itself splintering as various Moffs wrestled for control, with some even defecting from the Empire, one of which was Jagged Fel with several hundred loyal to his idea of a better Empire. While the Empire faced civil war, Jagged bidded his time, calling upon his old friends from the Chiss Academy, making valid promises and oaths. Word slowly filtered out that a splinter cell was planning to unite the Empire, which saw some of the dissent Moffs, Stormtroopers, Generals and pilots seek out Jagged, who sent out assets to find allies amongst the old guards. Even some of the Galactic Alliance members who remember the young man that they flew along side and drank with during the Hutt War sought him out, one of which was Jaina Solo.

With an army assembling around the frozen planet of Csilla, Jaina was both surprised and impressed by Jagged Fel's resolve and loaned her lightsaber to his cause as a monster that she had met in her youth controlled the Deep Core Imperium and was perhaps the most evil and vile thing that she had ever encountered. Over the course of months, Fel's segment of the Empire worked to unite other segments that were still fighting amongst themselves. It wasn't until near the beginning of the following year that Jaina and Jagged found Jacen working with the Imperator in corrupting the Hapes Consortium. With renewed resolve, the Fel Imperium grew greater and started to put pressure upon those of the Galactic Remnant to pull out of the Hapes Consortium. Working closely with several of the Jedi who were devoted to seeing the evil expunged from the Galaxy, the Fel Imperium began to push into the Hapes Consortium, not on a quest for conquest, but rather liberation. The further they pushed in, the more devastation they witnessed, entire planets just no longered existed, several of the stars were twisted and corrupted, casting a dark light rather than the blinding brightness they had a decade earlier. The tales of occupation from those who were lucky enough to survive furthered the resolve of the forces to continue their work and see the monster destroyed.

During the space battle, with fighters screaming between the destroyers and support ships of both sides, the Fel Imperium was gaining the upper hand and managed to target and destroy several of the flagships of the Deep Core Imperium before finally being able to target the Night's Eye, the command station where intelligence pointed the Imperator to be within. With a full out assault, it was only moments after critical failure of the shields before the station blew up, thus eliminating the threat. This was in 39 ABY, and the great victory brought many of those critising Jagged's rashness and young age, to silence.

Although the Jedi did play tactical parts that were critical in the bringing down of the Hapes threat, the overal Jedi Order and even their one time Galactic Alliance friends critised those who felt what they did was for the betterment of the entire Galaxy, rather than to better one political agenda over another. Leaving the squablings behind, Jagged Fel and those loyal to him and his vision left the Consortium after ensuring aid had been rendered and allowing their Jedi allies oversee the restoration of the throne and society. As Jagged began to form his Empire, Jaina soon returned to his side, believing that peace can be brought to the Galaxy with this man. They were seen married in 40 ABY, having found a strong attaction that neither could deny during the Hutt War, and then had it reflame during the Hapes Crisis, though the critics are firm that the marriage is strictly a political manuever to unite the Galactic Alliance with the Fel Empire. Through treaties drafted between the recently crowned Emperor and his Empress, a period of peace was able to begin in 42 ABY.

Jaina vs Caedus

In defense of her husband, Jaina was forced to kill her twin, Jacen, known as Darth Caedus, shortly after her marriage to Jagged Fel.

Back in 41 ABY, those who had aided the now Fel Empire had faced exile or punishment from the Galactic Alliance, as they had commited treason in working with the Fel Imperium during the Hapes Crisis. This drew some outrage from the Galactic Alliance's citizens, which began to see planetary governments petition the Fel Empire for entrance. The Jedi who had helped for the betterment of the Hapes Consortium and to face and either purify a great evil or destroy it, were now without the safety of the Order, who desired to keep open ties with the Galactic Alliance, and couldn't be 'normal' citizens within the Galactic Alliance. Thus the wise Empress established a wing within the Palace upon Bastion for those who were without home and were willing to answer the call of duty within the Empire. From these first Jedi, she created the Imperial Knights who's duties included not only the safety of the Emperor's line, but also to route out corruption within the Empire and to not only resist the temptation of the Darkside, but to also cleanse those who have fallen or seek their death if the prior is not possible.

The Fel Empire NowEdit

As the duel-dealing of the Galactic Alliance Senators reached an all time high and is now shrinking, the Fel Empire is growing, not through violence though, but rather through planetary governments petitioning the throne to join the powerful Empire. Xenophobia is not as prevelant as it had been in the past, but it still exists, as many view the Xenos as having their proper places in society. Many of the Stormtroopers and Fleet officers are humans or near humans still, while the intelligence bureau has found that some species of non-near human or human qualities are very adapt at performing the delicate nature of intel gathering.

Bastion security forces keep the peace

Bastion security tracks down a xeno dealing in contraband.

The Fel Empire isn't the overreaching enemy as it had been during Palpatine's time, but neither is it the benevolent government that the Galactic Alliance strives to be. It is in the middle. Law is important. Traditions are being reinvented and reformed to better the vision of Jagged Fel. Duty to the throne is such that every near human and human citizen spends some time in combat training, with those who excell able to seek further advancement.

There is a tenative alliance with the Galactic Alliance which seems to sway from strong to nearly tearing down into war. Another prominant alliance is with the CSA, which has the means and know how to build industry that benefits the Fel Empire, but no longer are planets just being handed over.