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The Galactic Federation of Free Alliances but more commonly the Galactic Alliance, was the galactic government directly following the Republic. Incorporating most of the known galaxy, the Galactic Alliance was the first government to achieve this since the Galactic Empire. Following the restoration of the Galactic Empire as the Fel Empire, the Alliance and Empire coexisted in relative peace for several years until recently. However, with the growing corruption amongst senators, planetary leaders have began to pull out of the Galactic Alliance to form their own independant governments or join the Fel Empire.


In early 25 ABY, the Chief of State Mamow Unbarum was ousted from his position due to mismanagement and directing the state of the Republic into becoming an apathetical entity that bullied the other governments into doing what the Republic wanted. His successor, Chief of State Crystalia Starfyre, along with nearly the entire Senate decided that a new government was needed if the galaxy was to survive during the final years of the Civil War in which political infighting and weak leadership led the Republic to a great number of defeats. Madam Starfyre realized that the cumbersome organization of the Republic could not withstand the pressures of the galactic war. As a result, she instituted a massive reorganization and streamlining of the government. The new federal system proved sturdier than the confederate style of the Republic. Named the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, or Galactic Alliance for short, it began the long task of bringing the galaxy back together.

Coruscant on a clear day

Coruscant, the seat of the Galactic Alliance.

During the reformation into the Galactic Alliance the System's Confederation saw an opportunity to strike and gain more territory than they already had. Suffering from internal strife, as the Mutandan Prophet struggled to remain neutral while utalising allies who answered to the Dark Side of the Force and others who danced to the call of the Light Side. Additionally, the Republic Forces had been bogged down during the Hutt War with carrying refugees and aid, as well as soldiers to liberate planets that the Hutts had taken in response to the Galaxy's outlash at their slavery practices that spanned several sentient species, all the while, they were still repairing their military might. The well timed attack almost broke the Galactic Alliance, however, the internal fighting within the System's Confederation helped to solidify the Galactic Alliance's stance and even opened up additional communications with the Galactic Empire which helped to repel the Prophet's forces. It was during this time that it was discovered that the fallen Jedi Knight, Nailan, was responsible for causing much strife between the Galactic Alliance and the Galactic Empire, including the assassination of nearly the entire Moff's Council back in 23 ABY. The Jedi, aghast by this requested formal permission to track down their wayward brother and vowed to work with both the Galactic Alliance and the Empire towards peace. However, Nailan's continued antics, including the assassination of Senators of good standing, forced the Chief of State to start distancing the Galactic Alliance from the Jedi who clearly couldn't stop their fallen brother, although Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker worked hard to keep the Senate and the Chief of State aware that the Jedi were there to aid and advice. However, with his death in 34 ABY, the vote came in to not only distance the government of the Galactic Alliance from the Jedi, but to order that the Order of the Jedi depart from Galactic Alliance Territories, as they are an out dated brotherhood that had no bearing of the times around them.

The Jedi spoke of peace while the the Galactic Alliance and the Galactic Empire were at war. While they had partook of the Hutt War as allies, the Galactic Empire and an Imperium unknown to their intel were ravaging the Hapes Consortium. And now, the Galactic Alliance was fighting with the rogue agents of the fallen Confederation. And when both sides could focus upon their borders, the skirmishes were long and costly, both sides trying expand and fight over who controls which planet and neither side was willing to lose a planet. Then with the fracturing of the Galactic Empire in 37 ABY, these skirmishes became more frequent.

Meanwhile, a group of Jedi actively worked with a group within the Galactic Empire who had a vision of greater creation than what Emperor Lanil Jast envisioned. It is this smaller group who wanted peace and worked towards expelling the evil that was corrupting the Hapes Consortium and even brought back evidence of what was going on within the borders. Madame Starfyre responded quietly, maneuvering military assets to assist those Jedi already engaged with the greater evil, firmly believing that the Galactic Alliance should render aid once again to their nemesis during their time of splintering, seeking to find an ally amongst the different Imperiums and Remnants, however she knew that the present Senate would look unfavourably upon squandering their resources on yet another campaign rather than rebuilding.

When the Fel Empire began establishing itself within the Imperial Remnant, driving out and then destroying Night's Eye which Galactic Alliance Intel confirmed was the base of operations of the leader of the Deep Core Imperium, the senators began to look warily at the new power and openly critised the Jedi who actively worked with their enemy. The senate went as far as to demand that all those who assisted the Fel Empire who were citizens or militia of the Galactic Alliance during the Hapes Crises were to be tried as traitors. But somehow, in 41 ABY, these so-called enemies of the state managed to depart from the Galactic Alliance territories and while some were tracked to independent governments others fell in with the Fel Empire. Although this had distressed the Empress, Emperor Jagged remained true to the terms that were agreed upon with the Jedi, the Fel Empire did not take up the Galactic Empire's war with the Galactic Alliance. Furthermore, commerce and trade began to flourish between the two once staunch enemies.

Senators arguing during proceedings

Various senators argue against calling those who helped during the Hapes Crisis traitors.

Chief of State Starfyre had also managed to avoid a media backlash for her part of the Hapes Crisis, having made alliances with several of the affluent senators. However, not all was jovial in the floor of the senate auditorium. And there still remain some members who well remember a time when the Galactic Empire did something vile against a member of their family or homeworld.

But by 56 ABY, the Galaxy was nearly at full peace. With only small skirmishes outside of the concerns of the Galactic Alliance and the Fel Empire, the Chief of State, Crystalia Starfyre declared her vision has come to fruitation and retired from politics completely. Her sucessor, Chief of State Retchet Nwa'Rech, won a landslide victory with his speech to continue what Madam Starfyre had started. It was five months after his victory that a holonews anchor broke silence about rumours of the Galactic Alliance's state of apathy and senate members accepting bribes to vote the way the Chief of State wanted.

The Galactic Alliance NowEdit

The year is 60 ABY, and the Galactic Alliance is shrinking, slowly, planet by planet, sometimes by a whole solar system. Some of these planets remove themselves from the Galactic Alliance to start up their own independent government, sometimes they petition to join the Fel Empire.


Chief of State Retchet Nwa'Rech.

The Galactic Alliance, under Chief of State Retchet Nwa'Rech, has grown apathetic to the needs of the Galaxy. Many of the Senators grow wealthy with the gifts that they receive for voting correctly. While corruption is visible there are some who strive towards making the Galactic Alliance what it had been less than a decade ago. They work hard and petition, and even demonstrate. Citizen groups work together to prove that they are not apathetic to the needs of those who face planet wide famine or recovering from civil wars. Some of these groups have even gone as far as contacting the Jedi to petition for aid that they cannot otherwise provide.

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