Homeworld: Caaraz
System: Unknown, Outer Rim
Height: 1.4-1.9 meters
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity 2D+0 4D+0
Knowledge 1D+0 3D+1
Mechanical 1D+0 3D+1
Perception 1D+2 4D+0
Strength 2D+0 4D+0
Technical 1D+0 3D+1
Attribute Points 12D+0
Skill Points 7D+0
Move 11/14

Biology and CultureEdit

The Ranth were sentient carnivorous mammals indigenous to Caaraz, which was a tidally locked planet. The Ranth lived on the frigid night side of Caaraz, which was lit by Caaraz's twin moons and heated by the planet's geological activity. Ranth were highly resistant to cold temperatures, thanks to the insulation of their thick fur. Nomadic Ranth were also particularly skilled at surviving in extremely cold climates.

Ranth possessed long bushy tails, flat muzzles, dark eyes, and short pointed ears which were canine in appearance. As natural hunters, they had sharp claws on their hands, and mouths filled with short sharp teeth. Ranth had to continually forage, hunt, and swim to survive in the harsh environment of their homeworld, and would hunt for food whenever the conditions would allow them to do so. Their keen hearing, extending into ultrasonic ranges, helped them search for prey and avoid larger predators.

Even before the Galactic Empire discovered their homeworld and brought the Ranth to the attention of the galactic community, they were a deeply divided people. While some Ranth lived a civilized lifestyle, others lived in tribes of nomadic hunters. The former wished to integrate themselves within the galactic community, while the latter preferred to keep to their lifestyle as hunters.

Ranth UAA

A member of a Civilised tribe.

The civilized Ranth were working towards an industrialized society with formal governments and technological advances. Their cities were built in ice caverns on top of drifting glaciers and contained sophisticated architecture. Meanwhile, the nomadic Ranth continued to exist as small groups of hunters, led by the best warrior among them. They had no machines, only muscle-powered devices and riding beasts.

These two Ranth cultures also had different typical temperaments. While many Ranth in either society were short-tempered, nomadic Ranth expressed their anger violently, while civilized Ranth tended towards flamboyant, but harmless displays. Nomads tended to be self-confident, passionate, and determined, while city-dwellers were introspective, with a tendency towards apathy. All Ranth cultures had a strong respect for family ties, and were usually led by the elder members of extended family units.

Since the Galactic Empire has left, the Ranth have endured a civil war of civilised Ranth fighting the nomadic Ranth. These battles have deteritorated their once breathlessly beautiful cities and engrained a seething dislike between them. While some Ranth are found throughout the galaxy, should members of the two cultures meet, hostilities resume.

Special AbilitiesEdit


A member of a Nomadic tribe.

Sensitive Hearing: Ranth can hear into the ultrasonic range, giving them a +1D to sound-based search or Perception rolls.

Cold Adaptation: Ranths get a bonus 2D to survival and stamina checks when made in cold weather due to their lives hunting on the dark side of their homeworld and thanks to their thick insulating coats.

Story FactorsEdit

Divided Culture: Ranths that are civilised do not get along with nomadic Ranth and vice versa. At time of character creation, a player must select whether their Ranth is civilised or nomadic. Civilised Ranth gain a 1D bonus on any two technical or mechanical skills at the time of chargen only, while a Nomadic Ranth gains a 1D bonus on any two combat or survival skills (Survival, Intimadation, Search, Hide, Sneak, Stamina, or any combat skill) at the time of chargen only.