Sluissi AA
Homeworld: starwars:Sluis Van
System: Sluis system
Height: 1.5-1.8 meters
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity Sluis Van 1D+0
Knowledge 2D+0 1D+0
Mechanical 3D+1 2D+0
Perception 4D+0 1D+1
Strength 3D+2 1D+2
Technical 3D+2 2D+0
Attribute Points 5D+0
Skill Points 7D+0
Move 13D+0

Biology and CultureEdit

The Sluissi or Sluissians were reptilian creatures, with their upper halves much like a humanoid's: two arms and four-fingered hands, the fourth of which was an opposable digit. The bottom half of the body was that of a snake with a long singular tail. The Sluissi had round black eyes and a long, swooping hoodlike fold of skin on the back of the head, which was larger on a male than on a female. Their arms have extra winglike extensions of skin that apparently help them move when they were on the ground. They have forked tongues, which, as with most reptiles, was used for their sense of smell.

Sluissi's scales tended towards muted browns through dark greens. As they were technically gifted, Sluissi tended to wear a vest that had pockets and attachments for their tools. As well, they were often devoted to fixing things that other beings believed beyond repair, making them known throughout the Galaxy as one of the best species to go to for ship or droid repairs. While Sluissi culture was peaceful and devoted to crafting the next best mechanical device, they were not afraid to fight when necessary.


Special AbilitiesEdit

Technical Aptitude: Sluissi receive an extra 4D beginning skill dice, all of which must be placed in Technical skill. They may place up to an 4D from their beginner quota of skill dice into Technical skills as well (i.e. All races gain 7D skill dice at chargen, a Sluissi may only use 4D of these in technical skills in addition to the 4D bonus skill dice). Unfortunately, whenever a Sluissi uses a Technical skill, the action always takes twice as long for other species.

Story FactorsEdit

Relaxed: Sluissi, in general, are a very calm bunch. Nothing excites them. Their patience and seemingly inability to get genuinely upset or excited sometimes infuriates other species.